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W2S: White Corduroy Slacks

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

These stunning white corduroy slacks are from @targetstyle and were only $13! They are great for warm weather due to their length and wider cut, but great for cooler weather too because of the material. I love pairing neutrals as well as bright colors with these pants ‑ they are extremely versatile!

Corduroy by default means comfy and soft, and so on this day full of classes, I paired these white slacks with white high top sneakers, a chocolate‑brown slouchy sweater, and braided my hair the night before for an overall relaxed look.

One of the great parts about white is the versatility of the color ‑ it’s a blank slate perfect for wild anima print details. I paired this cheetah print sweater with white open‑toe kitten heels, a cheetah‑print scarf and used this white fanny pack as a shoulder bag.

Though I kept the shoes simple with white casual sneakers, I paired my white corduroy slacks with this mustard‑colored top for some color, and this awesome fuzzy cardigan‑style jacket that I thrifted.

Corduroys are amazing for cold weather, especially paired with a super soft sweater. I topped off this icy look with white boots and a white puffer jacket to create a monochrome look with a single pop of color from the mint sweater.

Same boots, same pants, different sweater! On the warmer‑cold days, I opt for a sweater like this one, tucked in here, that isn’t as thick but still provides warmth and comfort. The drop balloon sleeves are a fun accent, and though the white boots always elevate the look, I think this look plays it down to be more casual.

Remember when I still wore glasses? I’d love to forget. I loved the neutral tones that this top and belt brought to these slacks! The beige, waffle‑texture puff sleeve top matches the color of this best perfectly, which I pulled from another pair of pants. I kept the rest of the look white, including the white sneakers, but the brown glasses definitely helped tie the look together.

Sweatervest! A fun sleeve detail! Boots that leave the ankles only to the imagination!

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