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WYN Summer 2019

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

If you're in college, school's likely out, if you're in high school, you're almost there! And if you're post-grad, your whole like is free of class forever - all of which together means that it's summertime, which means we're renaming ourselves ranch because we be dressin' these next few months. There are lots of fun trends you can incorporate into your wardrobe, some of which carry over from past seasons, so here's What You Need.

Silky Skirts

Silky lightweight skirts, whether they be a mono-chromatic pop of bright color or an elegant neutral, or a wild pattern, are here for the summer and they are here to stay.

These skirts are long and breathable, going just a bit past the knee, perfect for movement but classy and sophisticated.

Easy to dress up or dress down, these flowy pieces are perfect for summer in every regard. If I could buy 20 of them, I absolutely would, because there is an unlimited variety of ways that you can style this and wear it. It's so simple, but that's the beauty in it.

Romantic Style

If summer is in the air, so is romance (or so they say...fall in love with yourself, anyway). Romantic styles including florals (groundbreaking), lace and puffed/cap sleeves are everywhere this season as we embrace the warm weather, the flower stands and the picnics in meadows that we dream of. Think very flowy, very feminine, and still elegant. Romantic styles fall under a certain vibe: a soft and dainty kind of aesthetic that is easy to incorporate into your summer looks.

Neon and Slim Shades

It doesn't have to be a combo, but it absolutely should be. Neon was really big in the spring season along with wide, tiny sunglasses and this trend is carrying over into the summer for a sizzling style that doesn't seem to be doing anywhere. If you're feeling fierce and ready to try something only for the bold, this trend is right up your alley.

One and Two-Strap Sandals

The beauty of summer comes with the warmth and accessibility of open-toed shoes and sandals, and this season, inspired by the more casual-style slides come one-strap sandals and slides. With an endless variety of styles, ranging from casual to embellished and the most extra, there is a sandal for everyone's style and comfort level.

Hair Clips

Growing up in the 2000s was a beautiful time filled with fun, extra hair accessories, and I am happy to say that we are back on that trend. Aside from the classic barrette and snap clip, we now have the more grown-up version that includes a lot of elegant, shiny metal tones and even short words when we're feeling a little edgier. Putting your hair back and trying out different styles is easier now than it's ever been, especially since the pin can be an outfit staple in and of itself.

Western Style

With the release of the Old Town Road remix and an already solidified trend in many different aspect of fashion in previous seasons, it seems even in the summer the western trend is inescapable. At some point I will fully embrace it, but in the meantime even cowboy boots, specifically in white, are gracing the fashion scene and keeping us on our toes. Nothing is off limits - there are no laws in the wild west.

Neck Scarves

Little patterned neck scarves will make you feel like a fancy flight attendant, but will take your summer look to the next level. Depending on your fabric of choice, they might even keep you cool on those higher temperature days. If you don't like them for your neck, they're also a fabulous hair accessory. If neither of those work out for you, it's also an option to tie around your wrist or handbag. There is infinite possibility when it comes to the neck scarf, so get as creative as you want with it.

Tassel Earrings

Whether it's on your bags or hanging from your ears, tassels are still in full bloom this season, especially embracing brighter pops of color for the warm weather. Even if your mom says it looks like part of a curtain hanging from your ear (these things happen), you'll know in your heart that you're on trend and embracing those warm-weather vibes. After all, statement earrings are a great way to spice up any outfit and make it look like you've put in a great deal of effort - even if you haven't.

Silk and Satin

Something smooth to the touch and effortlessly sophisticated, this summer will have you draped in silky, satin pieces. From skirt to blouses to tank tops to scarves and anything in between (there are no limits), there is something timeless and regal about these fabrics. No matter how you style it, it's an effortless chic that comes from classy pieces that shine without much extra needed.


Especially if you're working over the summer, neutrals are still a powerful way to stand out and keep an elegant and collected image for the warmer weather. Despite all of history telling you that summer needs colors, neutrals are equally impactful and absolutely graceful. Simple doesn't have to mean boring; in fact, it can often stand out even more.

Floral Nails

If you want to be glammed out all the way to your fingertips, yellow floral nails are specific-ally here to help you serve looks this summer. While not overly complicated, this style pops and adds to the earthy summer aesthetic that we love to figure out ways to branch out with. Especially a clear nail with floral detail on top provides an eye-catching style that steps just enough outside the box.

GoT Style

Even after the season that disappointed fans and the finale that had everyone tuned in, Game of Thrones styles are sure to weave their way into summer styles. From metallic textures and colors to chainmail and metal to elaborate hairstyles and regal ruffles, these trends have already made their way into the runway in small increments. Just because it's over doesn't mean you can't channel a little Mother of Dragons energy here and there.

Phone Bags

Though not exclusive solely to the cell phone, rectan-gular, taller bags are as in style as those that seem to fit nothing but your phone. They aren't very wide and won't hold a lot, but it makes you more of a minimalist and really asks you what you really need. Because realistically, hopping on the small bag trend from fanny packs to these is a risky gamble, not for the faint of heart (or the hoarders, like myself).

Like any trend, there are steps that can be taken to ease into a style and ways to incorporate bits and pieces into your looks, unless you want to dive right in. Of course, many of these specific images are designer, but that by no means that they are not accessible trends. There are so many ways to incorporate what you love into your style; don't let the heat make you shy away from pushing your creative boundaries and expressing yourself in new ways.

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