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Best Dressed List: Critics Choice Awards

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Award shows and red carpets are the perfect place to debut designer gowns and jaw-dropping styles, even if only just for the night. Along with the awards themselves, there are stunning looks left and right and inspiration galore. This year saw mainly neutral tones; save a few bold patterns, the Critics Choice Awards were filled with creams, blacks and whites worn in unexpected ways. Pantsuits were among the biggest trends of the carpet, along with suits that were anything but black-tie.

The Critics Choice Awards feature the best of the best in filmmaking, but winners aside, here are my best dressed from the 2019 Critics Choice red (blue) carpet.

I love Claire Foy's look. It's different that the standard long, flowy awards dress and I'm always a sucker for a chic pantsuit. The one-shoulder cape adds a nice dramatic effect that I can't get enough of. The silver shoes tie in perfectly to the rhinestones on the top of the pantsuit and the cape - it's an immensely original look and she pulls it off beautifully.

Chan is blooming in this Jason Wu gown, and these pretty florals are making me wish it was spring. Rosy flowers adorn this faux-strapless, off-the-shoulder dress with cushiony sleeves and voluminous length at the bottom.

It may not be everyone's favorite but I love the airbrushed look on Chalamet's black suit. The orange and blue looks like it was taking out of a painting, akin to something in the celestial night sky. The shoes may not be the perfect match, but definitely make the look more casual.

Part dress and part pantsuit, I love everything about Roberts' look. She keeps it classy with the black and white combination but spices it up with a wrapped sleeveless top that opens in the front to the floor. If you mixed a dress with a cape including a subtle, animal print-esque pattern inside, you've got Roberts' creative ensemble. White pants compliment the black wrap and heels perfectly.

This suit combination may be a lot to look at, but I think it's a look nonetheless. Bold patterns, black and white especially are bold but stylish and that's commitment that I appreciate. The suit fits great and looks comfortable, and the patterned shirt underneath is further dedication to the look.

This sheer off-the-shoulder gown is sure to turn heads. With beautiful layering and detail as well as coverage in all the right places, Cardellini looks confidant and fashionable. The long gown is classy as it is daring and speaks for itself.

With bishop-like sleeves, a flowing piece at the waist and pleats throughout, Moore is an angelic vision in her white dress matching her stunning smile. Not only does it look flowy and comfortable, the sleeves are stylish and the cut of the skirt is daring and fresh.

Darren Criss is always serving looks, and this creamy, multi-tone set marries different fabrics with shades of beige. Cuffed dress pants, an open blazer, silky shirt are paired with yellow lenses to top off the look. Criss never disappoints with effortless, stylish looks at any event; consider him perpetually on the Best Dressed list.

Another stunning pantsuit looks comes from Janney, adorned at the neck and wrists with silver bling. The flared legs are accented by a tighter waist and pockets, topped off with an open-front poncho almost as long as the pants. Though it is neutral, Janney sparkles in this ensemble.

I will dream of the day I have the confidence to wear a look this loud. This chocolate satin suit is as charming as it is sophisticated, and I'm obsessed. This is an absolute show-stopper, not to mention the dramatic open-collar and the oversized, clementine sash. There is nothing subtle about this combination, but the boldness and confidence is stitched in the seams.

The pantsuit really got me (they always do). O'Hara's look is unbelievably classy, and both parts stylish and elegant. The flared pants, the glittering red accents on the jacket and cuffs, even an accent on the buttoned-up collar. O'Hara is a vision of femininity in this understated but eye-catching set.

I've always been a big fan of velvet in the winter, and it's perfect for an awards show. It's soft, catches the light and truly shimmers. Especially this bold pink suit jacket - it's a perfect twist on the black tie attire while attracting just enough attention. Jeong's choice is stylish - and his excitement cannot be contained (such a sweet smile!).

Constance Wu is stunning as always in this sparkly ivory gown with a deep V-neck and a classic silhouette that flows all the way to the ground. The sleeves are original and eye catching - as if Wu isn't always, especially with her new bangs, further proving she really can do it all. With a neutral lip and rhinestones embezzling her dress throughout, there's nothing about this look not to love.

Awards season is filled with glitter and glamour, and creative and unique styles that inspire as much as the season's runway shows. Who wore your favorite styles from the CCAs? Leave a comment below!

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All photos are credited to AP and cited to The Sydney Morning Herald and PopSugar.

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