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Amplify V1I3: @dez__smith

Though there’s no formula for a successful businesswoman, “driven, silly, creative, hardworking, loving, persistent & caring” could be the key. It’s how 20-year-old Desiree “Dez” Smith would describe herself, and it’s clear on her platforms and through her brand, 'MyDezire', that these characteristics are working for her.

A senior in college majoring in Communications Integrated Marketing online at Wilmington University, blogger, Youtuber and small-business owner Dez knew she wanted to start her own business before she even started college.

“Higher education is really important to my family, so I plan on finishing my undergrad and getting my Masters too - but my business is what I’m most passionate about,” she says. Her major didn’t impact her decision to start her business at all; “I sort of look at college as my backup plan.”

“I originally went to classes on-campus, but I decided to take online classes so I could focus more on working (when I did work), blogging, and my business.”

Someone who definitely knows what she wants, persistence is certainly a great word to describe her. But that determination doesn’t stop her from being warm, inviting and friendly along with her success.

“I have a huge passion for inspiring others and I use my platforms to do so,” she said, referring to both her page as well as the one dedicated to her business. “MyDezire is my inspiration & empowerment brand. I just launched it officially in February, but I’ve had the name and idea in my head since I was a senior in high school - I always knew MyDezire would be my brand.”

Currently, MyDezire sells a collage kit, personalized collage, and Instagram media kit template, as well as a vanilla chai-scented candle, and a cozy, neutral-toned “Dezire to Inspire” sweatshirt - part of her “Dezire to Chill” collection. She plans on selling much more in the future, as well as rebranding MyDezire this summer. Her products will be mainly sold online, but Dez says she would love to also have pop-up shops in different locations in the future.

“I always knew I wanted to do this, but whenever people tell me I’m inspiring them or that I inspired them to do something, is when I really know,” she said. “I plan to be a full-time business owner; I have so many ideas for MyDezire, I truly cannot wait.”

As for blogging and her own style, Dez began around February 2018, but says she didn’t really start to take Instagram seriously until September of that same year. “My style is so diverse - I truly wear whatever I’m feeling. I love to dress for the seasons and have fun with different themed outfits! I also am super inspired by anything vintage.”

With over 7k followers on Instagram and growing every time I check back, Dez champions confidence, authenticity, creativity and sharing motivation with others - it’s almost contagious when you interact with her content in any way.

“I plan to be a full-time blogger and Youtuber living in NYC,” she says. Despite being born and raised in NJ, she says NYC is her favorite place ever. “My goal in life is to be my own boss - my ultimate goal is financial freedom and truly living out the life I “Desire”,” she smiles.

You can find her shop here at

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