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40 Internship Outfits to Inspire Your Work Wardrobe

Updated: Nov 12, 2022


June 10

For my first day of my internship I wanted to be as professional as possible while I felt out the vibe of the office and the studio. I paired this yellow puff-sleeve top from Forever21 with a black and white striped blazer from Mandee ($10). I wore my trusty 'business' pants, black cropped ankle pants from Old navy that I'd probably consider my very first 'professional' purchase, and finished the fit with my black horesbit mules.

June 11

I wore this purple shortleeve turtleneck sweater for my second day and paired it with my plaid paperbag-waist pants from Forever21 tied with a black faux leather belt that I got from a Target leather jacket ($8). For shoes, I wore my black block-heel mules from Target ($8).

June 12

Today we were scheduled to tour the warehouse so I crafted this outfit around these pink suede sneakers from Payless ($10). I added in other pink accents, like these pink tassle earrings from Forever21 and this belt from Plato's Closet that is actually from pants I purchased there ($14). To compliment and tone down the pink, I wore my navy-blue cap-sleeve jumpsuit ($30).

June 13

I decided to push for a little trendier look - one of my first projects was doing thorough research on FW19 trends, and leather-on-leather was definitely among them. I paired this black leather jacket from Target ($8) with an olive-green zip-front leather skirt that I got from Forever21 in high school. I paired this with the black mock-neck shirt from UNIQLO that I probably wear way to often, and my black ankle boots from H&M ($27).

June 14

I love a good white-ankle-boot/snakeprint combo so for this outfit I paired my boots from Forever21 ($27) with this H&M top. With these I wore my relaxed UNIQLO straight-leg jeans ($9) and my olive-green blazer from Forever21 ($10), along with a matching snakeprint belt from Charlotte Russe ($5 for a three-pack).


June 17

I went for a neutral black and white look with this white crepe shirt with a black pussybow tie from Forever21 and black and white grid pants from TJ Maxx ($10). Of course to top it off I chose my white platform sandals from Charlotte Russe ($27) because let's be real, this are essentials.

June 18

I chose this look to be relaxed yet stand-out: my blue and grey animal print t-shirt dress from Charlotte Russe ($14) over my white lettuce-hem turtleneck from Hollister ($5). I cinched with waist with a thin white belt from Target and complimented the whites with my pointed white ankle boots from Forever21 ($27).

June 19

This outfit felt, in a sense, pretty masculine and laid back, but I think the golde lace-trimmed camisole from HM ($13) really made it more feminine (and my style). I paired the top with my mom's grey plaid blazer from the 80's, along with my super-relaxed paperbag-waist jeans from Hollister ($19) and my black horsebit mules from Target.

June 20

I love this outfit (not only because I love coordinating, I just love the fluidity of it). I paired this black v-neck bodysuit from H&M ($4) with these amazing dusty-pink wide-leg pants from Plato's Closet Ledgewood ($14). I wore my mom's grey animal print scarf in my hair with my pink block heels from Target.

June 21

My brother graduated from high school so I took off of work but still had to pop off at my old stomping ground. I paired these simple white skinny jeans from TJ Maxx ($12) with these Charlotte Russe ankle-strap stilettos that I orginally bought for my senior prom (it all comes full-circle!) and this black and brown lace scalloped top from Plato's Closet Ledgewood. I took the strap off of my go-to Kate Spade bag ($70), giving this look an overall "yes I've graduated and I'm an adult now" vibe for when I inevitably run into people I know.


June 24

I feel like I don't wear this cardigan enough but it deserves all the attention in the world (Target, $13). It's actually a dress that I wear unbuttoned, but I wore it with this soft white crew from TJ Maxx, this thick black belt from Walmart ($3), black skinny jeans from TJ Maxx ($10) and these nude heels from Payless ($6).

June 25

This outfit is super simple and monochrome but is still appropriate for the office I was working in over the summer. I paired these white high-top sneakers from Old Navy ($20) with these patterned black-and-white pants that my mom gave me, along with this black lace half-sleep top I inherited from my Oma.

June 26

Biker shorts are the best trend, change my mind (you can't). I wore this white ribbed tee from H&M ($10) layered under this gold lace cami from the same place ($13), with this super-versatile houndstooth blazer from H&M as well ($15). These black biker shorts were $5 from Love Culture, and the block mules are an easy and professional choice for any fit (Target, $8).

June 27

I ran out of ideas and got a little more creative today with this leopard-print tube top from Charlotte Russe under black longsleeve twist top that would normally never be work appropriate, and these tan wide-leg pants from UNIQLO. I borrowed these black platform sandals from my mom and tried a new, unconventional (at least to my wardrobe and general style) way to wear this leopard-print scarf from Mandee ($5).

June 28

Since I got food poisoning, I stayed home from work. So image this fit being me wrapped in many blankets and sleeping the entire day! Still cute though.


July 1

With this white-collared floral top (TJ Maxx) I thought it was only fitting to also wear white jeans (TJ Maxx, $ ) with a white belt and my white platform sandals ($25) from Charlotte Russe that, now that I have them, I couldn't live without.

July 3

I truly enjoy these coral corduroy pants (Forever21, $9), and the straight-leg is something I think everyone should absolutely get behind. With my pink block heels from Target and a white belt, I tied all of the colors together with this pink and white striped shirt from Target.

July 4

No work, 4th of July! I watched soccer all day and did nothing (as one should).

July 5

I love these strappy black heels from Forever21 and I couldn't think of a better way to pair this colorful, boxy twill top and floral rainbow headband with. I rolled up my light-wash jeasn from Hollister ($25) more than I usually would and I really liked the result - simple but more than just a regular roll.


July 8

I love these flared ankle jeans from TJ Maxx ($10), even though they're super dark wash and mid-rise - both of which generally not my style. This blue-grey floral pussybow blouse (Target) has graced my closet for two years now and probably will forever because it's so timeless, and these black slingback kitten heels (Payless, $8) pull the look together.

July 9

Today we had our first off-set day, which I can confirm had major Legally Blonde vibes (because that was the inspiration behind the shoot). I paired these pink tassel earrings with my black biker shorts (Love Culture $5) and my mom's grey plaid blazer circa the 80s, along with nude heels from Payless ($6). The soft crewneck is from TJ Maxx, and this plaid headband is actually a belt from a pair of pants I have, and the actual pink belt is worn backwards for a cleaner look. Creativity at its finest (and most fun).

July 10

For a truly maximalist person, sometimes minimalist fits are best. This boatneck ¾ sleeve top from Lauren, Ralph Lauren and TJ Maxx ($10) contrasts nicely with these wide-leg striped, pleated pants from UNIQLO ($9). The colorless contrasts continue with this Target faux-leather belt, tied at the waist because it's too big, and white high-top sneakers from Old Navy ($20).

July 11

You could've had a professional fit, mixed with a nice casual corduroy jacket (Target, $14), and you should have, because it's cute and comfortable. These pants were my mom's from the 80s, and this white bodysuit from TJ Maxx ($12) has been a staple since it entered my wardrobe. All of this plus the white pointed ankle-boots (Forever21, $27) make for a neutral combination that I truly would wear every day if I could.

July 12

What would I do without this shirt? I have no answer for you. This perfectly neutral piece paired with my UNIQLO jeans, leopard print black and sandals, I kept this fit simple and tame with just the right pop of print.


July 15

If I was a flight attendant and didn't hate planes, this would be my preferred fit, but alas, wearing it to work will do. My mom passed down this white lace skirt from H&M to me, and this yellow puff-sleeve top needed to be worn to my internship at least once more aside from the first day. I paired this with my neutral pink block heels from Target and a silky scarf from Mandee ($5) that perfectly matched with the top.

July 16

Another look that played into FW19 trends was this semi-monochrome green look. Green shift dress that I'd had for my whole life (at least I think so because I don't remember buying it), olive blazer (Forever21, $10) and olive tie-up flats (Old Navy) - go green, as they say (no but seriously, the environment).

July 17

If you were not already painfully aware, I am a big animal-print person, and this look is truly wild (but surprisingly sophisticated). I got this animal-print dress from Forever21 on a whim ($22) because I really wanted a versatile midi-length piece, and it is great for layering (as seen here). I wore my black strappy heels from Forever21 ($24) along with a white ribbed tee from H&M ($10) under the dress, along with a faux-leather jacket from Target ($8). To top it off I wore my animal-print scarf from Mandee ($5).

July 18

Today I felt very uninspired and just went for something completely different (and very...not summery. Luckily my office is VERY cold so it worked out!) I got these leggings from Walmart (I know! $14) and paired it them with a place lace mock-neck top with cute ruffle sleeves. I took the pussybow from a white crepe shirt I have and tied it around my ponytail - I also often use this one as a belt, it just works nicely with a variety of pieces. I've had these black embroidered boots from Francesca's for awhile now and they have the best story so I will quickly tell it - I saw them in one mall and decided not to get them because they were pretty expensive, and went back to my local mall the next week and they had one pair left, in my size, on sale (!) for $20. The biggest win ever.

July 19

I will admit, after purchasing this $6 neon-zip dress from Target I had no idea how to wear it. I ended up tucking it into my straight-leg UNIQLO jeans ($9) and tying a drawstring around my waist as a shoe lace-style belt that I cut out of an animal print midi skirt from Target ($10). I paired my strappy black heels with this to complete the minimal but feminine look.


July 22

These white and grey striped seersucker pants are likely from TJ Maxx, but I've had them for so long that the world may never know. I decided to be a little more bold with pattern mixed and contrasted the stripes with this teal mock-neck ruffled floral crepe shirt, and as with many outfits with a white base, finished off the look with my white platform sandals from Charlotte Russe ($25).

July 23

This looks was one of the themed outfits from our internship project, mirroring some of the trends in friends and '90s NYC. I paired a black halter tank top from Target with this white crew tee from TJ Maxx ($9) to create the layered look, and wore with it these black and white grid pants I got from TJ Maxx as well ($10) and my favorite square-toe heels from Forever21 ($25).

July 24

I remember being very tired on this day, but luckily these pajama pants ($9) from UNIQLO double as beachy summer pants. Underneath I wore a white spaghetti-strap bodysuit from TJ Maxx ($12) with two tone strapped sandals from Old Navy ($20)and threw my jean jacket ($20) from UNIQLO over everything to tie the look together.

July 25

I fell in love with this skirt from Target ($10) as soon as I saw it but it took me awhile to figure out just how to wear it. Red isn't a color I particularly wear, but this skrit is the perfect length and just made me want to dance around in it all day. I wore my mom's thick elastic belt from the '80s with a mock neck half-sleeve shirt from UNIQLO. The mules are a staple from Target and were only $8, and the anklet was a nice $4 from Old Navy.

July 26

I actually planned this outfit with my internship bestie, and we both decided to pair scalloped shorts with ankle-strap block heels. My shorts are from Plato's Closet ($6) and the heels are from Target and one of my go-tos for easy height. I paired this with a pink and white striped shirt from Target ($20). I once wore this exact outfit before and spilled all of my coffee on it, and luckily I was able to avoid that this time around.


July 29

I wanted to channel a '50s/'60s vibe for this looks, so I paired my short-sleeve Ralph Lauren sweater from TJ Maxx ($12) with black mid-rise Old Navy ankle pants that I got sometime in high school. I wore these with my black strappy heels, pearl-drop earrings from Walmart and a black-and-white polka dot hair scarf from a 'Pink Ladies' Halloween costume.

July 30

I really loved this combination and it could be said that this was the inspiration to take my layering looks to another level. I've had this navy linen a-line dress from Forever21 for as long as I can remember, and wore it over one of my favorite balloon-sleeve pussybow blouses from Target, paired with my white ankle boots from Forever21 ($27).

July 31

I've never felt more like a rich man in his 20's than with this fit. I wore an easy blue and white striped shirt passed down to me from my mom, with my dark wash skinny jeans from Hollister ($25), horsebit loafers from Target ($12) and my thick black belt from Walmart ($3).

August 1

This looks made me feel like a wealthy grandmother (but in a good way) I wore my blue, white and brown striped wide-leg sailor pants from Charlotte Russe with a soft white tee from TJ Maxx ($9) and tied one of my super-old brown cardigans around my shoulders (hence the preppy grandma vibe). With this I threw on these (ancient) brown strappy sandals that I'm pretty sure just appeared in my closet years ago with no explanation because I don't remember buying them.

August 2

Another casual Friday was in the books this week. With my black paperbag-waist jeans from Hollister ($20), I wore one of my favorite tees, a snakeprint tee from H&M ($4). With these I wore my black square-toe heels and a purple lip to spice up this simple outfit a bit.


August 5

On my second-to-last Monday, I kept things simple with my white skinny jeans from TJ Maxx ($12), a ruffled, flowy chambray top , my summer-staple white platform sandals from Charlotte Russe ($27) and grey animal print hair scarf.


August 12

After staying out pretty late the night before at a Shawn Mendes concert in Newark, I kept this look comfortable. I wore my super-soft oversized (I got it when Charlotte Russe was originally closing and they only had a medium left but it actually works out nicely) blue-grey animal print tee-shirt dress ($14) with my white high-top sneakers from Old Navy ($20), and but my hair in a low pony secured with my mom's vintage grey animal-print scarf.

August 13

Today we had our final presentation for our internship and we decided on a black and white scheme to look more uniform while presenting. I wore my black striped wide-leg pants from UNIQLO ($9), and for the top I actually decided to get a little creative and wore one of my black and white skirts from Plato's Closet ($6) as a shirt, and I really loved the result! I threw my black and white striped blazer from Mandee ($10) to finish off the look, and wore nude heels from Payless ($6) during the presentation, swapping them out for my Nike Air Force One's for the rest of the day (Net-a-Porter, $50).

August 14

This was essentially the last day of my internship where I was able to dress up, so I went full-on feminine-professional. I paired my white skinny jeans from TJ Maxx ($12) with a cropped, relaxed spaghetti-strap cami from Target ($3). I wore my favorite black strappy square toe heels from Forever21 ($24) along with my crepe olive-green blazer that I got from Forever21 ($10) a few years back.

August 15 & 16

The last two days of my internship celebrated Kids Day, where the children of the employees had the opportunity to come in and see what their parents do and participate in fun, sustainability-centered activities - think Earth Day meets Bring-Your-Child-to-Work Day for two days in a row. We were supplied green (borderline neon) Kids Day shirts to wear for these two days, and I decided to style it on the simpler side.

On Thursday I wore the shirt with my favorite straight-leg, light wash jeans from UNIQLO ($9). I paired this with a black and gold belt from Charlotte Russe ($5, 3-pack) and flat horse bit mules from Target ($12).

On Friday I wore the shirt with my white skinny jeans from TJ Maxx ($12) with my Air Force 1's that I ordered from my job with my discount (Nike/Net-a-Porter, $50). I paired this with a neon shoelace-style belt that I actually cut out of my animal print midi skirt, also from Target.

And that's essentially the roundup of my summer outfits! My internship was an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience, and I could not have asked for a better way to spend my summer. Working for a fashion company not only allowed me to grow professionally and in pursuit of my own goals, but allowed me to experiment with my style freely each and every day in a way that I'd really never felt entirely comfortable doing before.

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